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About Caroline Centa

Caroline Centa

Caroline Centa is an ID Coach, from Perth – Western Australia, who has spent over ten years working with the Egyptian pantheon and other spiritual practices to develop her understanding of human spirituality.


Through meditation and dream work, she received tuition from her spiritual guides who introduced her to the concept of Arits – an undeveloped spiritual modality that embraces the natural levels of human awareness.

To help share this information with her community, Caroline has qualifications in Education and Life Coaching and is furthering her education in Cognitive Behaviour.

Caroline has created the Ancient Ritualistic Inner Therapies™ Series, consisting of 4 packages that explore the first four levels of awareness and an intense specialised program (Insight Development™) tailored to the individual, which will help you Define who you are so that you can Unleash your Potential and Soar to success.


• Estrada College: Diploma of Life Coaching, 2016
• Edith Cowan University: Bachelor of Education, 2004
• Dheeraj Sammi: Usui Reiki, 2012 – Reiki I and II
• Dr Jake Wakefield: Kundalini Reiki, 2012 – 2014 – Reiki I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII and IX

• Training with Spiritual Guides:
– Arits – Consciousness access and healing. Understanding of how the human consciousness works and compliments energy flow for promoting success.
– Intuitive Healing – Using pendulums and oracles to interpret energies and redirecting them to promote healing.
– Energy Reading – Understanding and intuitively interpreting the energies that are presented by people in their everyday connections.

• Family Lineage Teaching and Self-Discovery: Divination Techniques
– Cartomancy (cards) – Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards (including Lenormand Oracle, Angel Cards)
– Cleromancy (casting) – Runes, Scarabs, Cowrie Shells, Mahjong Tiles, I-Ching (also classified as stichomancy)
– Radiesthesia (pendulum readings)
– Oculomancy (eyes)
– Scrying (crystal ball)
– Tasseomancy (tea leaves)

• House of Netjer (Kemetic Orthodox Faith): Shemsu Ordination – Dedication to my Spiritual Path within the Kemetic Orthodox Faith, including my devotion to the Egyptian Gods

• Teaching from Raihnon: Awareness Workshop – June 2014
– The Human Mind – Overview
– Understanding Your Reality
– The Hows and Whys of Creating
– Relationships
– Addictive Behaviour

• eQ Events
– Personal Success Intensive (PSI) Training, July 2014 Personal Life and Business Training.
– eQ Events: Life Design Training, March 2015 – Life Coaching and Business Training. 


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